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We provide a unique set of sleep diagnostic and treatment services.

Diagnostic Services

We will perform a thorough medical assessment to assess your sleep disorder and you may be referred for further sleep testing to provide you with the appropriate treatment.

Sleep Treatment

Our Sleep Center provides a comprehensive treatment service for patients with Sleep Apnea (OSA) and other types of sleep disorders.

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We have the best doctors and the leading center for Sleep Medicine in the region using the best equipment and techniques.

Section Head for the Sleep Laboratory and Sleep research program in Dubai. Health Authority and a consultant physician in internal medicine, pulmonary, and sleep medicine in Dubai.
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Dr.Hassan Alhariri
sleep specialist
Assistant Dean at University of Sharjah Medical College, UAE. Head of Pulmonary medicine, Rashid Hospital, Dubai UAE. Head of Emirates allergy and Respiratory society.
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Dr.Bassam Mahboub
sleep specialist

Learn about Sleep Disorders with Dr. Hassan Alhariri

Sleeping disorders are conditions that impair good quality of sleep to the extent that it disturbs one’s daytime activities and functions.