Tips for Sleepy Drivers


Being a sleepy-driver is a serious issue, here are a few tips to not be one:

  • Start any trip by getting enough sleep beforehand.

  • If possible, take a nap shortly before you expect to go on duty.

  • Be alert for feelings of drowsiness, especially between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.

  • If you feel too drowsy to drive, stop in safe area and take a nap.

  • If you are driving in a team, talk to your co-driver. However, if your co-driver is sleeping, remember that he or she needs to get some rest.

  • Parking on the shoulder is dangerous and is prohibited on highways. Find a truck stop, rest area, or pull off to a safe location.

  • Schedule a break every two hours. Stop sooner if you show any danger signs of sleepiness.

  • During your break take a nap, stretch, take a walk, and get some exercise before getting back into your car.

  • Get some fresh air into your car.

  • Do not drive if you have a sleep disorder that is not being treated.

  • Discuss everything that you are taking (including nonprescription items) with your doctor or pharmacist.

  • Of course, do not discontinue prescribed drugs without the approval and awareness of the physician who prescribed it to you .

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