Other Types of Sleep Disorders

Types of sleep disorders

There are over 100 different types of sleep disorders. This is ranging from difficulty sleeping at night to problems with excessive daytime sleepiness or even headache.

Therefore, it is critical to receive the correct diagnosis and work with a qualified physician to develop a treatment plan.

types of sleep disorder

Technological discoveries led to rapid advances in the understanding of sleep and recognition of sleep disorders.

Here are a few:

NREM-related parasomnias
 Confusional arousals
 Sleep terrors
 Sleep-related eating disorder
REM-related parasomnias
 REM sleep behavior disorder
 Recurrent isolated sleep paralysis
 Nightmare disorder
Other Parasomnias
 Exploding head syndrome
 Sleep-related hallucinations
 Sleep enuresis
 Parasomnia due to a medical disorder
 Parasomnia due to a medication or substance
 Parasomnia, unspecified

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